"Good chance" Northern Lights will be visible in Switzerland this weekend

"Good chance" Northern Lights will be visible in Switzerland this weekend

Following their appearance in the skies over Switzerland less than a week ago, forecasters have said that there is a “good chance” that the Northern Lights will be visible again this weekend. A series of heavy solar storms are due to hit the Earth’s atmosphere on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which will allow the Aurora Borealis to be seen far beyond the polar region.

Northern Lights could grace Swiss skies from May 10

Stargazers across Swiss cities and cantons should look skyward from May 10, as meteorologists predict that the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis could be visible on the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The stunning green, violet and sometimes red natural lights are caused by solar emissions as they impact Earth’s atmosphere.

While most aurora are confined to the polar regions, stronger solar emissions and solar storms can allow people to see the lights further south - the Northern Lights have been spotted in Greece and Italy in the past. What's more, experts told Blick last year that solar activity is due to peak in 2024 and 2025, meaning the Northern Lights will become a more regular feature of the night sky in Switzerland, having already been seen in September and November 2023, and just last week.

Solar storm set to bring Aurora Borealis to Switzerland

Now, the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre in California has forecast that a G4 geomagnetic solar storm should hit Earth between May 10 and 12 - G5 is the most severe storm possible. Therefore, while it cannot be guaranteed, 20 Minuten noted that there is a “good chance” that the Northern Lights will be visible in Switzerland once again this weekend.

Of course, to see the Northern Lights in Switzerland, conditions have to be near-perfect. Speaking to 20 Mintuen, forecaster Ralph Rickli said that they “often only appear for brief moments”, meaning stargazers will have to be quick if they are to see the lights over the alpine nation.

To have the best chance of seeing them, it is advised to venture out to places with as light pollution as possible - the best views can often be seen atop Swiss mountains. As the name would suggest, stargazers should set their sights on the north, and while scattered clouds should not prevent you from seeing the aurora, clear skies and good weather will help you get the best views. Good luck!

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