Northern lights expected to be visible in Switzerland this week

Northern lights expected to be visible in Switzerland this week

Meteorologists have announced that people across Switzerland will be given a rare chance to see one of the world's most stunning natural wonders: the Aurora Borealis. From the night of September 24, and especially on September 25, people across Swiss cities and cantons will be given the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in all their glory, MeteoNews has suggested.

Northern Lights captured on camera in Switzerland

On the night of September 24, cameras placed atop a number of Swiss mountains managed to capture the Northern Lights shining over Switzerland. Those placed on the summit of Säntis and Jungfraujoch were able to photograph a red aurora - a sight rarer than the traditional green.


Wunderschönes #Polarlicht letzte Nacht vom #Pizol aus gesehen. #Auroraborealis.

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Sightings of the natural phenomenon - which are natural light displays generated by disturbances in the earth’s atmosphere caused by solar emissions and winds - are exceedingly rare in Switzerland. Roger Perret from MeteoNews noted that “in order for the natural spectacle to be observed in this country, there needs to be no cloud cover and strong solar flares.”

Perret added that, unlike previous sightings, the Northern Lights seen on September 24 were also visible from low-lying areas such as hills in Canton Zurich. While they are usually spotted once or twice a year in Switzerland, the sightings on Sunday were notable for their clarity.

Northern Lights likely visible over Switzerland on September 25

Luckily for those who missed the Northern Lights on September 24, MeteoNews announced that people in Switzerland will likely be given a chance to see them again between September 25 and 28 - the best chance to see them will be on September 25. Although the solar winds necessary for an aurora are expected to recede over the next few days, solar output and the weather in Switzerland and southern Germany should remain favourable for the next few days.

The best sightings of the Northern Lights are expected atop Switzerland’s highest mountains. However, those looking to see the aurora from lower ground are encouraged to hike to the top of smaller hills. Areas devoid of light pollution are ideal, so it’s best to head out of cities and built-up areas. MeteoNews added that an unobstructed view to the north is recommended in order to have the best chance of seeing one of the world’s great natural wonders.

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