Get the sun cream! Summer-like temperatures to grip Switzerland this week

Get the sun cream! Summer-like temperatures to grip Switzerland this week

After what can only be described as a dismal two weeks, the weather in Switzerland is set to take a turn for the better. The latest forecast by the Federal Office of Meteorology (MeteoSwiss) has predicted summer-like temperatures across Swiss cities and the mountains over the next week.

Summer temperatures to hit Zurich and Geneva

From Monday, Switzerland can look forward to “generally sunny and increasingly warm weather,” according to MeteoSwiss. High pressure is expected to influence the weather over the coming weeks, leading to unusually high temperatures for this time of year.

In Zurich and Geneva, temperatures are expected to reach 28 degrees Celsius by Wednesday. In some more rural areas, such as those in the Swiss mountains, temperatures could peak at 29 degrees. The Mittelland and the cities of Lucerne, St. Gallen and Zug will see temperatures peak at between 25 and 28 degrees, in what MeteoSwiss describes as “almost summer heat.”

Welcome relief from the wet and stormy weather in past weeks

The next few days will come as welcome relief for fans of warmer climes, as for the last few weeks, rain, heavy thunderstorms and hail were the norm across most of the alpine nation. Last Thursday, the fire brigade had to be called out 100 times in one night to deal with the damage caused by the recent storms in Canton Zurich.

Sunbathers across Switzerland will be able to enjoy the May sun for most of the week, with Tuesday and Wednesday expected to be the best days to build up your tan. For the brave swimmers among us, Swiss lakes will also begin to warm up, although the water in Lake Zurich and Lake Geneva will still remain at around 14,2 and 11,7 degrees Celsius respectively.

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