Geneva hosts key UN conference on using AI for good

Geneva hosts key UN conference on using AI for good

On July 6 and 7, Geneva will host a UN conference which is set to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers from across the world together to discuss ways that AI technology can be used to benefit humanity. As part of the conference, several AIs will be used in demonstrations, while one advanced robot is set to deliver a keynote speech.

British robot to give keynote address at Geneva conference

The conference will feature tech from across the globe and seeks to explore uses for AI that could benefit humanity. The event’s keynote address will be given by a robot - the British-made Ai-Da, which is a "contemporary artist robot."

Ai-Da can paint and perform and is featured in the conference alongside several different robots which are designed to explore the potential for AI in the creative arts. Other uses for AI that are being explored by the attendees include healthcare applications and assisting the elderly. 

You can see Ai-Da in action at a 2020 TedxTalk:

Video: YouTube / TedxTalks

Largest conference exploring benefits of AI

The event will be the largest of its kind in the world and will see humans and robots alike gather for discussions about the future of AI. Many of the conference’s panellists specialise in making tech to help people in their daily lives or augment the potential of tasks completed by humans.

The conference has mostly attracted researchers from Swiss universities alongside contingents from global research institutes, policy-makers, diplomats and UN representatives. 

The event, which was organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), together with 40 partner UN agencies, aims to tackle some of the big issues that the world faces today, namely climate change, sustainable development and the world's relationship with AI. Generative AI and human-AI collaboration were listed as priority discussions for the conference before it began.

Check out the conference trailer here!

Video: YouTube / AI for Good

Image: / Anton Gvozdikov

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