National Day weather: Switzerland set to get drenched on August 1

National Day weather: Switzerland set to get drenched on August 1

Switzerland’s meteorologists have looked at their weather forecast and the results are in: the country is set to have a windy and rainy national day in 2023. For August 1, many Swiss cantons will see temperatures below 20 degrees and face rain most of the day.

Zurich and central Switzerland likely to have a wet August 1

According to Meteonews, Zurich and Central Switzerland will be the most impacted by the wet weather rolling in for the national holiday. The weather front is caused by low pressure drifting across from the North Sea and Denmark. 

In many Swiss cities, including in Bern, Zurich, Basel and Chur, rain will fall for most of the day, potentially changing lots of plans made to celebrate Swiss national day. Be sure to check the website of any events and festivals you are planning to attend on national day for any changes due to the weather. 

Cooler temperatures to be expected across Switzerland for the big day

Aside from the rain, the temperature is also set to drop across the country on August 1. After facing skyrocketing temperatures throughout June, Switzerland’s July weather has been more mixed. 

August 1 is expected to have a high of around 20 degrees celsius, with weather north of the Alps expected to be cooler and wetter than in the cantons to the south.



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