The clock is 57 seconds too fast: funniest reviews of St. Gallen

The clock is 57 seconds too fast: funniest reviews of St. Gallen

While many of us use online reviews to tell us what to expect before visiting places, there are some people who leave somewhat baffling and even quite ridiculous reviews about various locations. Case in point: Here are the best of St. Gallen’s online reviews. 

Lake Constance is “more wet than I thought”

Many tourists who visited some of the great Swiss historical sites that St. Gallen has to offer left comments praising the sights - the Abbey of St. Gall, Drei Weieren and the nearby Lake Constance all gained an average of 4,7 stars out of five. But some of the complaints left by reviewers remain a little strange…

“It’s more wet than I thought” stated one reviewer, who gave Lake Constance a measly one star. “You cannot see the ground there” said another user, regarding the Swiss lake as a bit too cloudy for their liking. 

The police station “doesn’t serve Schnapps after eight”

Another strange complaint from those online was related to the Swiss police. One commenter was disappointed to find that the police station in St. Gallen “didn’t serve Schnapps before 8 p.m.. Also didn’t serve it before that”.

Reviewers also took aim at the city’s beloved abbey, with one venting frustration that the church clock is (allegedly) too fast. Another gave the abbey two out of five stars and simply stated - “not bad: you visit a library where you have to wear slippers. I would say that it is the only thing worthwhile about Saint Gall."

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