Italian police Lamborghini spotted in Canton Aargau

Italian police Lamborghini spotted in Canton Aargau

An Italian police car was spotted driving near the town of Rheinfelden, Canton Aargau on Monday - but the officers’ vehicle was not just your average police car. The motor in question was actually a fancy Lamborghini Huracán - a vehicle with a 200.000 Swiss-franc price tag. 

Italian police spotted in supercar on A3 Autobahn

According to Blick, the Italian police were spotted driving their supercar on the motorway near Rheinfelden. “It was very special to see such a car in Switzerland. It wasn't just any Lamborghini, it was the one from the Italian police! You don't see something like that here every day”, a person who saw the car told the newspaper. 

Witnesses who saw the car said that despite its capabilities, the car was not being driven at speed. The Swiss police confirmed to the Blick that the Italian authorities had obtained permission to drive through Switzerland on official business. 

Italian Lamborghini cops on the way to the Netherlands

According to the newspaper, the supercar and its officer occupants were en route to the Netherlands, though it is unclear why the police were making the trip. Sometimes, high-performance cars such as the Huracán are used for the urgent transport of donor organs or for police car chases. 

The Italian police force has had two Lamborghinis as part of its fleet since 2017. The carmaker, which is based near Bologna in Italy, gifted the vehicles to the country’s police force to help them carry out urgent missions.

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