Beer prices in Switzerland set to rise in 2024, brewers confirm

Beer prices in Switzerland set to rise in 2024, brewers confirm

In what will be bad news for beer drinkers across Switzerland, the Carlsberg Group has hinted that it will be raising its prices in 2024 due to higher costs. The international company owns several major Swiss beer brands, including some of the top sellers.

Swiss beer prices to rise after Carlsberg announcement

From next January, beer connoisseurs in Switzerland will be hoping for a sale on the ale, with Carlsberg CEO Jacon Aarup-Anderson telling Bloomberg that his company would be raising beer prices on all the brands that the company manages. Carlsberg and its subsidiaries currently produce around 140 different beers worldwide, including many of the highest-selling Swiss brands.

From January, the cost of Feldschlösschen, Cardinal, Anker, Hürlimann, Gurten and Valaisanne among others is expected to rise. Collectively, the brands owned by the Carlsberg Group account for around 45 percent of all the beer drunk in Switzerland.

Feldschlösschen - Switzerland's best-selling beer - will raise prices in 2024

Speaking to 20 Minuten, a spokesperson for Feldschlösschen - the best-selling beer in Switzerland - confirmed that price adjustments “on some products” would occur in the new year. Other major brands are expected to follow suit.

The announcement follows years of rising beer prices in the alpine nation, with the newspaper noting that beer was around 6,9 percent more expensive in November 2023 than it was in the same month in 2020 - in restaurants, brews are 3,9 percent more expensive.

The Feldschlösschen spokesperson clarified that brewers around the world “are facing a significant increase in processing costs.” They concluded that rising energy, worker, and raw material costs have combined to make pints all the more expensive to make.

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