Arlesheim near Basel joins Switzerland’s most beautiful villages list

Arlesheim near Basel joins Switzerland’s most beautiful villages list

With its picturesque cities, mountains and overall landscape, it’s little surprise that Switzerland is also home to some beautiful villages. Now, the charming town of Arlesheim, near Basel, has been added to the list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland. Here’s why:

Most Beautiful Swiss Villages list

Consisting of 49 different villages spread across 18 cantons and Liechtenstein, the Most Beautiful Swiss Villages list aims to protect and promote some of the most stunning small tourist hotspots in Switzerland. To be included on the list, villages must showcase and promote history, conservation, beauty and traditions.

After Grüningen (Canton Zurich) and Bursins (Canton Vaud) were added to the list in 2022, the 2024 edition has a new member: nestled just a stone’s throw away from Basel is the village of Arlesheim, Canton Basel-Land.

Arlesheim praised for castle and cathedral

A quick trip by car or tram from the centre of the city, Arlesheim was praised for its large number of well-preserved historical buildings and cave archaeological sites that date back to the Paleolithic, Stone Age and Neolithic periods. The nearby 13th-century castle, called Birseck, should also be high on any visitor's bucket list. 

The baroque-style cathedral in the village was also given accolades for its stunning facade and fascinating history. The site itself was built after the cathedral chapter of Basel fled the city and settled there in 1679 - an event which propelled Arlesheim to prominence.

English-style garden the main highlight of Arlesheim

The real highlight of the area, however, has to be the 18th-century hermitage. The 40-hectare site was built in the style of an English landscape garden, ideal for an afternoon walk or romantic stroll.


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