Grüningen and Bursins join Switzerland’s most beautiful villages list

Grüningen and Bursins join Switzerland’s most beautiful villages list

The villages of Grüningen (Canton Zurich) and Bursins (Canton Vaud) have been added to an official network of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Switzerland’s most beautiful villages list 

The Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland Association was created in 2015 to promote some of the smallest and most stunning tourist hotspots in Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. The Swiss association is part of the global Most Beautiful Villages of the World Association. 

The two villages were added thanks to their picturesque settings and unique locations. To meet the admission criteria, councils (Gemeinde) must have less than 10.000 inhabitants, have authentic historical landmarks and must willing to network with other beautiful villages. 

Two beautiful Swiss villages added to the association

The village of Grüningen has three museums, a botanical garden and wonderful seasonal markets. The village is well known for its spring market in particular, and the municipality is perfectly set up for hosting events and festivals. The village also has an outdoor swimming pool set in a stunning location for the summer, and an ice rink set in the grounds of a castle, perfect for when the winter weather rolls in. 

Bursins, by contrast, is known for its wine and local produce. The village is set along the famous “route du vignoble de la Côte” wine route, and is surrounded by picturesque vineyards, with Lake Geneva in the distance. Aside from wine, the town is also home to many cheesemakers who are more than happy to invite tourists into their houses to try the local varieties. 

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