5 activities to explore the blossoming beauty of spring in Switzerland

5 activities to explore the blossoming beauty of spring in Switzerland

You’ve done it - you survived the frigid cold of winter! Now, it’s time to wander out of the cosy cave you’ve transformed your home into and breathe in the fresh air of springtime in Switzerland

Spring in Switzerland

Swiss cows are being let out to romp through the fields, flowers are blooming, the asparagus craze is winding up and sunshine is slowly returning. You know what that means - spring in Switzerland has arrived! 

When does spring start in Switzerland?

Springtime in Switzerland begins in mid-March and runs through April and May into the beginning of June. Even though it looks like spring with the first buds appearing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be cold. The weather during spring can be unreliable, varying from glorious sunshine to cold snow, so it’s best to keep your coat handy! 

Things to do during spring in Switzerland

With the changing of seasons comes a number of activities in Switzerland that let you see the alpine country in a new light. Get ready to celebrate the spring season with these bucket list activities! 

1. Explore the great outdoors of Switzerland

Switzerland has many amazing spring destinations to visit for a little holiday and what better way to see their natural beauty than to venture into the outdoors? Take a hike alongside a river or trek your way through the mountains for a photo opportunity at a waterfall. Along the way, you’re bound to see some breathtaking views of hills and caves. 

You could also see another side of these fantastic spots by boat. Taking a boat cruise on one of Switzerland’s many lakes is the perfect chance to see the country coming to life with greenery in the distance. 

2. Take a stroll through a Swiss botanical garden

What better way to celebrate the life and joy of spring than to stroll through a botanical garden and admire nature’s beauty? There are many botanical gardens in Switzerland where you can gaze upon stunning homegrown Swiss plants as well as exotic plants from across the globe. 

If you venture outside of botanical gardens, you can see cherry blossom trees in certain spots in Switzerland. There are trails in several cities that allow you to live out your ethereal dreams with the stunning blooms.

Botanical garden in Zurich, Switzerland

3. Attend one of Switzerland’s spring festivals

When it comes to spring, Switzerland has a fair amount of events and festivals celebrating the season. Traditional Swiss events during the springtime like Sechseläuten in Zurich and Chalandamarz in the Engadine valley are a sight to see. From burning snowman figures to ringing cowbells to chase away winter, you’ll not only have an interesting experience but also learn more about Swiss culture.  

There are also several festivals that form part of Easter traditions in Switzerland, such as egg-smashing competitions and the blue egg swim, which are a great way to celebrate the Easter holidays with family and friends. 

4. Throw yourself into adventure sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, spring means that you can finally enjoy adventure sports that you have been avoiding due to colder weather, such as skydiving. One of the best locations for skydiving in Switzerland - and the world - is Interlaken. 

Skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking and paragliding are some of the best things to do in Interlaken that let you experience springtime in Switzerland in a unique way.

Image credit: byvalet / Paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland

5. Visit a Swiss animal park

Spring is the time when many baby animals start entering the world and hibernating animals peek their heads out of their holes. This makes it the perfect time to go to a Swiss zoo or animal park.

At the BearPark in Bern, spring means the end of hibernation for the brown bears, which means you can see the fuzzy creatures outside of their dens again. You can also see adorable calves, piglets and other baby farm animals at the Ballenburg Open-Air Museum, where you may even be able to pet some of them! 

See Switzerland blossom during springtime

There’s nothing like seeing Switzerland blossoming in springtime and, after months of colder weather, it’s a reason to celebrate! What’s your favourite activity to celebrate spring in Switzerland? Let us know in the comments!

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