19 degree temperatures forecast as spring comes early to Switzerland

19 degree temperatures forecast as spring comes early to Switzerland

Switzerland is set to experience unseasonable temperatures in the next week, with highs of 19 degrees Celsius predicted across Swiss cities on Wednesday. Rain remains scarce, with Saharan dust a new feature as temperatures rise.

Swiss weather forecast to be dry and mild

Despite some rain on Monday night, the especially dry end to winter will continue in Switzerland. The foehn - warm wind from the Mediterranean that flows through Swiss mountains and valleys - will mean that clouds will continue to be scattered throughout the week, although little rain is forecast.

The headline of the week will be the increasing temperatures across the nation, with the weather in Switzerland expected to get drier and milder as the week goes on. Bear in mind that the nights will remain frigid - one of the last indicators that we are still, technically, in winter.

19-degree temperatures in Switzerland on Wednesday

During the day, Switzerland will start to get warmer, starting from 15 degrees on Monday and moving up to 19 degrees Celsius by Wednesday. However, those who use the high temperatures as an excuse to take a dip in a Swiss lake are in for a rude shock, as current water temperatures have the lakes in Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne at between 6 and 8 degrees.

The warm weather will also bring about the start of spring flowering, with many plants already beginning to bloom. Unfortunately for hay fever suffers, this will mean the start of the sneezing season in Switzerland, with tree pollen expected to emerge first.

From Wednesday, Switzerland will also be greeted with Saharan dust blown through Switzerland on the southerly wind. This will give Swiss ski resorts, mountains and cities a coating of yellow-red dust, that will reach Switzerland in several waves as the week goes on.

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