Bern Museum Night

Bern Museum Night

Sep 17, 2021

Bern Museum Night is an important landmark on the cultural calendar of the city of Bern. During this annual museum celebration, over 50 museums all over the city open their doors to the public until midnight, to showcase the new cultural season. This year will be different, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: © Sam Buchli, courtesy of Bern Museum Night Bern Museum Night

A night at the museum in Bern

Typically, on one night in September, more than 50 of the city’s museums and galleries take part in this special occasion, welcoming visitors inside from 6pm until midnight. Members of the public immerse themselves in exhibitions, live music performances, video installations, poetry recitals, spontaneous theatre performances, dancing and DJs.

Some museums are vast and visitors can easily spend over three hours in each museum, whereas others can be enjoyed in less than 30 minutes - that’s why this night is perfect for those who want to mix and match visits to the numerous museums of Bern. For those feeling ultra curious, there are usually guided tours taking place in some venues.

Visitors can also expect some delicious food and refreshing drinks throughout the night. The 2021 edition will be different to what we are used to, but it is guaranteed to be memorable!

Photo: © Sam Buchli, courtesy of Bern Museum Night Bern Museum Night

The origin of museum nights

Nowadays, events similar to Bern Museum Night take place all over the world. The concept began in Berlin in 1997 with extended hours for visitors to multiple museums all over Berlin, with added entertainment. The idea soon spread to other German cities, and then began to be adopted abroad, like in Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. There are even child-centred versions of museum nights in some cities. Now, countless places worldwide hold their own museum nights.

Buy your tickets

Bern Museum Night tickets can be purchased online. The tickets include access to all participating museums on the night of September 17.

Thumb photo: © Sam Buchli, courtesy of Bern Museum Night