Which Swiss cantons have the most (and fewest) homes available in 2023?

Which Swiss cantons have the most (and fewest) homes available in 2023?

The latest data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has revealed which Swiss cantons have the most houses and apartments available to rent or buy. As record housing shortages take hold across the major cities, the report found that only 1,15 percent of homes in Switzerland were vacant at the start of June.

Vacancy rates in Switzerland reach new lows

According to the report, on June 1, 2023, there were 54.765 vacant homes across Switzerland, 6.731 or 11 percent fewer than in June 2022. This is the third year in a row that the number of vacant homes has declined, with the FSO noting that only around 1,15 percent of all housing stock is currently available to rent or buy.

The FSO added that in comparison to June 2022, the number of uninhabited homes to rent fell by 15,9 percent, with the biggest declines recorded among listings for 1,5 to 2,5-room homes. The only categories that have seen vacant housing stocks rise were 5 and 6+-room homes to rent, with vacancy rates increasing by 2,9 and 18 percent respectively compared to last year.

Zug and Geneva have the fewest houses avaliable

In terms of cantons, Zug and Geneva were found to have the fewest homes available in Switzerland, with only 0,42 percent of all houses and apartments in the two cantons being vacant as of June 2023. Watson noted that 11 cantons now have a vacancy rate of less than 1 percent, while 195 Swiss councils (Gemeinden) reported that they have no vacant homes at all.

The low vacancy rates are having a significant impact on the cost of rental contracts in Switzerland. A recent study by the Swiss bank and investment firm Raiffeisen noted that the lack of available housing in major cities was one of the main drivers of inflation on the housing market.

Which Swiss cantons have the tightest housing market?

In all, here are the Swiss cantons with the fewest available houses (in percentage of homes available to rent or buy):

  • =1. Geneva (0,42)
  • =1. Zug (0,42)
  • 3. Obwalden (0,43)
  • 4. Schwyz (0,5)
  • 5. Zurich (0,53)
  • 6. Graubünden (0,58)
  • 7. Uri (0,64)
  • 8. Nidwalden (0,82)
  • 9. Basel-Land (0,92)
  • 10. Lucerne (0,96)

In terms of the fewest available houses in total, Obwalden took the top spot. As of June 2023, only 96 homes in the canton were classed as vacant.

Jura found to have the most homes avaliable

While most regions saw their housing stocks decline, the FSO noted that five cantons have actually seen vacancy rates increase. Canton Jura finds itself at the top with a rate of 3,17 percent, an increase of 0,21 percent compared to the same time last year.

The highest vacancy rate in the country was found in Romont, Canton Bern with 14,88 percent of homes unoccupied - 18 dwellings are available in the small town near Biel / Bienne. In terms of sheer numbers, Basel is the Gemeinde with the most homes available at 1.114, although this only accounts for 1,07 percent of total housing in the city.

Which Swiss regions have the most housing?

In all, here are the Swiss cantons with the most available housing:

  • 1. Jura (3,17)
  • 2. Solothurn (2,39)
  • 3. Ticino (2,17)
  • 4. Neuchâtel (1,85)
  • 5. Valais (1,69)
  • 6. Appenzell Innerrhoden (1,59)
  • 7. Thurgau (1,45)
  • 8. St. Gallen (1,42)
  • 9. Aargau (1,4)
  • 10. Fribourg (1,38)

For more information, check out the official press release (in German).

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