Where do the Swiss like to live?

Where do the Swiss like to live?

A new survey by Comparis has revealed what people prioritise when choosing the right place to live in Switzerland. Overall, people in the alpine nation were found to prefer the tranquillity of the countryside to the hustle and bustle of cities, but still wanted to be close to Switzerland’s metropolises.

People in Switzerland prefer the countryside to the city

According to the survey, reported in Swissinfo, 43 percent of people in Switzerland would like to live in the countryside. Around a quarter prefer city life, with the remainder preferring the suburbs. The result of the survey is quite surprising, given that 61 percent of people in Switzerland live in cities - one of the highest rates in Europe.

However, with the rise of more flexible jobs in Switzerland - like hybrid work contracts and remote working - many across the alpine nation and the rest of Europe are opting to live further away from cities. This is made easier by public transport in Switzerland, which is regularly praised for its density, frequency and punctuality, even in remote areas.

Proximity to Swiss cities and taxes important when picking where to live

While most people prefer the countryside, being close to a city was still very important. Of those surveyed, 50 percent said they’d like to live in an area which is within 20 minutes of a city by driving or public transport. 

Being so close to a city was found to be most popular for residents west of the Röstigraben and Canton Ticino, as well as those on lower salaries. “Those who have little money at their disposal generally also want to save on transportation," noted Comparis financial expert Michael Kuhn.

Finally, the company noted that Swiss taxes also have a significant impact on where people choose to live, especially for those on lower wages. 39 percent of people who earn less than 4.000 Swiss francs a month said that tax rates were important when deciding where to live, compared to 19 percent of those earning more than 8.000 a month.

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