Price of coffee surges in Switzerland

Price of coffee surges in Switzerland

According to a new study by Blick, the price of coffee in Switzerland has risen sharply in recent months, with cafes and restaurants in all Swiss cities increasing the price of their hot beverages. The cost of cappuccinos and Café Crème - the most popular styles of coffee in Switzerland - are especially affected. 

Swiss people consume coffee three times a day

According to Blick, Coop has increased the price of Café Crème in its restaurants by 20 rappen (cents), with the price jumping from 3,25 to 3,45 Swiss francs. The price of a cappuccino has also risen, with Coop restaurants now selling frothy coffees for 3,90 Swiss francs a piece in Zurich and eastern Switzerland - an increase of 30 rappen. The cost is even higher in other Swiss cantons

Coffee is, by some margin, the favourite hot drink for people living in Switzerland. As Swiss people drink an average of three cups of coffee every day, price increases in coffee are felt nationwide. 

Coffee production affected by the global economic situation

Speaking to Blick, a spokesperson from Coop argued that the increase in cost was justified. The firm stated that the increasing price of raw materials, as well as transport and energy costs, are to blame for the costly coffee. 

Coop is not alone in its struggles though. Other retailers including Migros and Manor are also raising the price of their beverages. Small cafes and bistros could also follow suit, with a press release by the Cafetier Suisse association confirming that it was considering imminent price rises.

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