Almost no buses and trams running in central Geneva as TPG strike continues

Almost no buses and trams running in central Geneva as TPG strike continues

Almost no trams or buses are running in the Swiss city of Geneva, after workers voted to extend the TPG strike until the end of the day on October 13. The announcement has caught Transports publics genevois (TPG) off guard, meaning they are unable to guarantee any public transport services.

Update: At midday on October 13, TPG agreed to SEV and Transfair's demands for a 1,2 percent annual pay rise, to be given to workers on January 1, 2023. The agreement between TPG and the unions means that regular public transport services have now resumed.

TPG strike in Geneva extended beyond October 12

On October 12, members of the SEV, Transfair and other public sector unions walked out after their demands for increased salaries and better working conditions were not met. SEV and Transfair represent a large number of tram and bus drivers in Geneva, meaning many services in the city ground to a halt.

The strike action caused mass delays and disruption in and around the city, but TPG were able to maintain a minimum service for passengers. Then, at a meeting on the strike day, 90 percent of union members voted to continue their action on October 13, although cantonal civil servants and teachers will no longer be participating. 

New strike day in Geneva on October 13 announced at short notice

Unlike the first day of strikes, which was announced well in advance, the new strike day on October 13 was declared less than 24 hours before it was due to begin. TPG told World Radio Switzerland that it usually takes 10 days to prepare for a strike and that they haven’t had the chance to plan for the additional disruption or to arrange an emergency timetable. 

As a result, according to Le Matin, virtually no buses or trams can be guaranteed to run in the city centre on October 13 and TPG are unable to guarantee a "minimum service" throughout the day. A TPG spokesperson told the newspaper that “due to the social movement currently taking place in our depots, our vehicles are prevented from leaving, so the supply is extremely reduced. No bus line and no trolleybus line is currently served on the urban network.”

Public transport services in Geneva highly limited because of strike

“Eight trams were able to leave this morning. They provide a few services on lines 12 and 14 only… urban lines are particularly affected,” the spokesperson said. As long as the strike lasts, “The supply of transport will remain extremely limited all day and the network [will be] severely disrupted," they concluded.

It is hoped that more services will become available as the day progresses. TPG advised people to stay at home if possible or to arrange alternative transport. Commuters can receive regular updates about the disruption on the TPG website or TPGPreview mobile app.

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