300 trout worth 3500 Swiss francs stolen from a farm in Switzerland

300 trout worth 3500 Swiss francs stolen from a farm in Switzerland

More than 300 trout have been stolen from two ponds at a fish farm in Benken, Canton St. Gallen. The fish were set to be sold by the local fishing club on October 30. 

Swiss police are investigating the theft

The See und Gaster fishing association, which operates the farm in Benken, have contacted the police regarding the fish theft. Cantonal police spokesperson Hanspeter Krüsi confirmed that the association had registered a complaint, stating that “there is an investigation in progress. It is regarding around 330 stolen trout.”

Despite its remote location, the farm has since installed surveillance cameras on the property, to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Police remain unsure as to how the theft took place. 

Trout theft cost 3.500 Swiss francs 

According to Christian Rudel, the fishing association’s chairperson, the theft has cost the club around 3.500 Swiss francs in damages. Rudel went on to add that it is especially sad for the association to lose the fish so close to October 30, since the club only holds a sale twice per year. 

The members of the association reportedly noticed the lack of fish during the weekend of October 23, before the sale was set to take place. Originally, the fishing association had planned to sell around 500 fish at their semi-annual sale, but was only able to offer 350.

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