10 most reputable brands in Switzerland revealed

10 most reputable brands in Switzerland revealed

The latest Business Reflector by consumer analyst firm GfK has revealed the most reputable companies in Switzerland for 2024. This year the survey found that people in the alpine nation value banking apps and supermarket brands the most.

GfK Business Reflector 2024

To create the ranking, GfK conducted a survey of 3.500 people from German and French-speaking Switzerland. Each respondent was asked which of the 50 largest Swiss brands and 20 largest non-profit organisations they thought were the most reputable.

For GfK, a company’s reputation is built on a number of factors, chief among which is how a firm’s competence, economic success and values are seen by the public. “The more people can identify with a company, the better the reputation”, the report noted, adding that the Swiss public is increasingly interested in whether companies act responsibly, such as by offering good working hours and job security to their workers, and taking climate concerns and sustainability seriously.

Twint named Switzerland's most reputable brand

For the very first time in the study’s history, the Swiss mobile banking app Twint found itself in first place on the ranking. The study explained that the app, which has well over 5 million active users and handled 590 million transactions last year, is becoming increasingly prevalent in people’s lives.

Twint "is seen as an absolute top company that offers better services than others in the industry and stands out positively from others. Those under 30 in particular rate Twint extremely well,” GfK expert Anja Reimer told 20 Minuten.

Migros loses out to Twint and Zweifel

The Swiss supermarket chain Migros saw its score falter in 2024, going from first in 2023 to third today just behind crisp manufacturer Zwiefel. Reimer noted that while Migros is still the most popular brand in Switzerland, it lost out to the top two when locals were asked to rate its moral and social reputation. In terms of environmental ratings, Swiss Federal Railways, the national public transport provider, took first place.

In terms of non-profits, Swiss air rescue service Rega nabbed the top spot, with Reimer noting that the organisation “enjoys a high level of sympathy among the Swiss population”. Speaking to 20 Minuten, Rega CEO Ernst Kohler said he was very pleased with the rating: "This recognition is a strong sign of the bond between Rega and the Swiss population…We are doing everything we can to continually improve air rescue for the benefit of the Swiss population.”

10 most reputable brands in Switzerland

In all, here are the 10 most reputable brands in Switzerland for 2024:

  1. Twint, banking
  2. Zweifel, crisp manufacturer
  3. Migros, supermarket
  4. Ricola, sweet manufacturer
  5. Swiss Federal Railways, public transport
  6. Rivella, drinks manufacturer
  7. Die Mobiliar, insurance
  8. Coop, supermarket  
  9. Lindt & Sprüngli, chocolate manufacturer
  10. Geberit, sanitary products

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