Switzerland's favourite brands for 2024 revealed

Switzerland's favourite brands for 2024 revealed

The latest Brand Indicator Switzerland (BIS) has revealed the most popular companies and products in the alpine nation in 2024. Swiss international companies and supermarkets dominated the top of the ranking, with a certain “orange giant” taking the top spot.

Which brands are popular in Switzerland?

Writing in the report, BIS claimed to be the only study which rates individual companies and brands by their relevance and popularity in Switzerland. To create the survey, experts analysed the responses of 2.631 people from across Swiss cities and cantons

Every respondent was asked to rate up to 100 brands by how much they liked or disliked them. The report explained that the question is telling as “frequently good customer experiences create increasingly closer emotional connections between brands and people.” Respondents were also asked to rate how important a brand is in their lives, both in the present and the future. Based on both responses, each brand was then given a score out of 100.

Migros is the top brand in Switzerland in 2024

In 2024, Migros overtook the messaging app WhatsApp to place at the top of the ranking with a score of 78,8. Tech giant Google rounded out the podium places.

BIS noted that the “orange giant” has grown in popularity over the past year, especially in French-speaking Switzerland and among young people. “The reasons for this are likely to be, among other things, greater price sensitivity as well as communication which strikes a chord with the general population,” experts wrote. Migros’ local products range “Aus der Region. Für die Region” placed sixth.

10 most popular brands: from tech to Swiss cheese

Migros’ traditional rival Coop saw a decline in the ranking this year, dropping to seventh. However, Coop subsidiaries and other brands performed well, with placing fourth - the highest-rated e-commerce brand - and Coop Supercard taking 10th. 

In terms of other occupants of the top 10, mobile banking app Twint continues to go from strength to strength in 2024, placing fifth in the overall ranking - a far better performance than the highest-rated Swiss bank, that being Raiffeisen in 61st. The final occupants of the top 10 were brands of Swiss chocolate and cheese, with Le Gruyère ranking eighth and Lindt coming in ninth.

When it came to which firms have improved their standing most in Switzerland, BIS noted that PayPal has seen its brand rating skyrocket in the last year, going from 122nd in 2023 to 16th in 2024. Brands that have seen major declines this year include Coop’s City brand (30th in 2023 to 51st in 2024), YouTube (5th to 15th), Toblerone (20th to 44th) and Aldi Suisse (40th to 74th).

10 most popular brands in Switzerland in 2024

In all, here are the 10 most popular brands in Switzerland in 2024:

  1. Migros (78,8)
  2. WhatsApp (77,9)
  3. Google (75)
  4. (72,4)
  5. Twint (72,2)
  6. Aus der Region. Für die Region (71,5)
  7. Coop (71,1)
  8. Le Gruyère (71)
  9. Lindt (70,6)
  10. Coop Supercard (70,5)

For more information, check out the official study (in German).

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