Pregnancy in Switzerland: Prenatal care

Pregnancy in Switzerland: Prenatal care

If you are expecting a baby in Switzerland, you will be offered regular visits to your doctor or gynaecologist to make sure your pregnancy is going well. These visits will not require a deduction like other treatments covered by health insurance. If you require further treatments, you will be referred to a hospital or other forms of healthcare.

Swiss prenatal care

If you believe that you are pregnant, it is best to see your regular general practitioner or request a referral to a gynaecologist. Your health insurance will cover you for as many consultations as the medical staff deem necessary for your pregnancy. At your initial consultation, you will discuss:

  • Expected due date of the baby.
  • Any previous pregnancies including any previous complications.
  • Medical history of you and your partner.
  • Changes to your work-life balance and requests for maternity leave.
  • Your nutrition, exercise, smoking and alcohol habits.

As part of your first consultation, you will go through the relevant examinations to confirm that you are pregnant and to determine any outstanding information that would be beneficial to the gynaecologist.

Ultrasounds in Switzerland

Your health insurance also covers the full cost of at least two ultrasound scans during your pregnancy. This is in order to check the health of the baby and determine the best type of care possible, such as modifications to your birth plan. The first ultrasound will take place around the 10th week of your pregnancy, with a second usually scheduled for the 20th week. This scan can also reveal the sex of the baby if requested.

You may receive additional ultrasounds if your doctor or gynaecologist deems them necessary, at no additional cost to your health insurance. You can request ultrasound scans if you wish, but you may have to pay for them if your doctor does not think they are essential.

Congenital screenings and further consultations

If your ultrasound or screening warrants further analysis, your doctor will refer you to a specialist. It is during these screenings that any complications can be detected as well as any other conditions the baby may have. These are done at no extra cost and always put the well-being of the mother and child first.

Prenatal classes

Alongside regular screenings, your health insurance also offers comprehensive prenatal classes for first-time mothers. These sessions revolve around education and will teach new mothers and fathers about all aspects of parenthood. It is highly recommended to take these classes, even if you have had a child before. Many hospitals in Switzerland offer these classes. They can also assist in creating your own birth plan for when you go into labour.

Giving birth and postnatal care

At this moment, it is important to consider what your plans will be for giving birth in Switzerland. This can include choosing where to give birth, the method you choose to give birth and any postnatal care that you would like.

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