Swiss supermarket Migros raises its minimum wage to 4.100 Swiss francs a month

Swiss supermarket Migros raises its minimum wage to 4.100 Swiss francs a month

The Swiss supermarket Migros has raised its minimum wage for new workers to 4.100 Swiss francs a month, with further increases promised to employees on older work contracts. Migros is one of the largest supermarket chains in Switzerland, with over 100.000 employees.

Migros is a famous supermarket chain in Switzerland

The supermarket chain, which is a famous cooperative with over 2 million members, is raising its minimum wage to 4.100 Swiss francs a month in order to stay in line with its competitors. The company noted that the threat of rising inflation was also a deciding factor in choosing to raise wages.

From January 2022, no employee in Migros is to be paid less than 4.100 Swiss francs a month. What’s more, students in higher education who have selected an apprenticeship with Migros will receive 4.200 to 4.500 Swiss francs a month, depending on the length of their course.

Migros to standardise workers' salaries

Migros said that the rise will account for a 1 percent increase to its annual budget and is part of standardising its wage structure throughout the company. Current employees who are not in an apprenticeship will have their wages renegotiated.

The move comes after an agreement with their employees over working hours, pensions and employee benefits. This means Migros will earn the “We Pay Fair” seal of approval from the Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion at the University of St. Gallen for its business practices.

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