Zurich landmarks to be illuminated by New Year's light show

Zurich landmarks to be illuminated by New Year's light show

To celebrate the arrival of 2024, the historical sites and landmarks of Zurich will be lit up as part of the LiechtTräum festival. The light shows have all been produced by Zurich-based artists and were inspired by requests submitted by the general public.

LiechtTräum event to light up Zurich landmarks

Alongside the iconic fireworks display on the banks of the lake and the various parties planned by local bars and restaurants, New Year’s Eve in Zurich will welcome a new, free and interesting event to the lineup in 2023 / 24: LiechtTräum. As part of the event, once the sun goes down, the Grossmünster, Fraumünster, Stadthaus, Stadthausquai, and Zurich Opera House will be lit up with stunning frescos and designs.

Speaking to 20 Minuten, local light artist Oibel1 said that the displays will use digital images printed onto glass sheets, which will then be projected onto the facades of the buildings. “It combines Zurich landmarks with art, which I find very beautiful… I have the honour of illuminating the Grossmünster. I'm very happy about that because the building means a lot to me as a Zurich resident,” he said.

When will the Zurich New Year's light shows take place?

The LiechtTräum light installations will be up and running from 5pm on December 31 until 3am on New Year’s Day. Additional light shows are planned from 5pm to 11pm on January 1 and 2.

Organisers explained that the images projected on the buildings will be of special significance, as they are based on suggestions and submissions made by the general public. “It's interesting to see what concerns people in Zurich,” Oibel1 noted. “At a time when war and misery occupy a lot of space in the media, a striking number of people are reflecting on interpersonal values ​​such as compassion, tolerance, cohesion and love.”

For more information about the event, check out the official website.

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