Will there be a white Christmas in Swiss cities in 2022?

Will there be a white Christmas in Swiss cities in 2022?

As Christmas in Switzerland looms closer, many living in Swiss cities will be hoping for a white Christmas in the Mittelland in 2022. Now, MeteoSwiss - the weather station run by the government - has taken its first cautious look at the forecast for Christmas Eve and Day, to find out if any cities in Switzerland will see snow. So far, unfortunately, things aren’t looking great.

Last white Christmas in Swiss cities was in 2010

With just a few sleeps to go until Christmas Eve, talk of a white Christmas is already top of the mind for many children across the country. While most people living in the mountains and visiting ski resorts will get a white Christmas quite easily, MeteoSwiss noted that the last time Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern saw a “proper” snowy Christmas was in 2010.

The organisation explained that while it could predict the weather in Switzerland up to 46 days in advance, at the moment its technology only allows for “a first cautious look at the Christmas weather.” With that in mind, it announced the chances of a white Christmas in Switzerland.

Will Swiss cities be getting a white Christmas in 2022?

In short, the chances of there being a white Christmas in cities in Switzerland are very slim, with MeteoSwiss noting that the current forecast is “not very promising.” Forecasters explained that the weather will likely be dominated by an area of low pressure from the west, which will bring mild temperatures to Switzerland for the foreseeable future.

They concluded that much like the rest of 2022 - which is on track to be the hottest year on record - Christmas this year will be mild and warm. While this may be frustrating, they were quick to mention that since 1931, a white Christmas has not been the norm in most cities, with only 35 of the last 90 Christmases being partially or completely white in Zurich.

While MeteoSwiss isn't confident about a white Christmas this year, the organisation affirmed that “hope dies last.” Officials confirmed that they will be continually monitoring the situation, in the hope that this year might see the return of snowflakes to Switzerland’s major cities.

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