First snow set to fall on Swiss cities this Friday

First snow set to fall on Swiss cities this Friday

The latest forecast by MeteoNews has predicted that the first snow of the 2022-23 winter season will fall on Swiss cities this Friday and Saturday. The whole country is set to see snow over the next two days, with the exception of southern Ticino.

Snow in Zurich, Basel and Geneva expected this weekend

According to the forecast, reported in 20 minuten, the weather in Switzerland is about to get even more wintery. In the early hours of Friday, rain is expected to turn to snow as temperatures in Geneva, Zurich and Bern drop below freezing, bringing the first snow of the season to areas beyond the Swiss mountains.

With the exception of southern Ticino, MeteoNews found that all areas of Switzerland will receive at least a dusting of snow between now and December 10. The larger cities are expected to get between five and 10 centimetres of snow over the next two days, while areas of the mountains and ski resorts will see up to half a metre of snowfall.

Icy conditions forecast in Switzerland and southern Germany

Forecasters explained that Switzerland and southern Germany are currently caught between freezing temperatures arriving from the north and humid air coming from the south. As these two areas combine, MeteoNews predicted heavy snowfall for Germany - and to a lesser extent Switzerland - in the next few days.

Next week is forecast to be frigid, with temperatures barely reaching above freezing in low-altitude areas. Drivers in Switzerland should also expect icy conditions on roads and motorways in the coming days.

However, unlike German cities, most areas of the alpine nation aren't expected to see much snow after this weekend. Sadly, for those hoping for a white Christmas this year, long-term forecasts still aren’t looking good.

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