Wikipedia articles about Switzerland now stored in Swiss National Library

Wikipedia articles about Switzerland now stored in Swiss National Library

While the line, “Wikipedia is not a reliable source”, remains a commonly used adage in the classroom, a new project from the Swiss National Library has given the online encyclopaedia more legitimacy as a source of information. Authorities at the library have confirmed that they are setting up a massive digital archive of Wikipedia pages about Switzerland, with over 125.000 articles already stored.

National Library of Switzerland to hold Wikipedia articles

While it still doesn’t cut the mustard at many schools across the world, the Swiss government appears to be taking an interest in what information is available about the alpine nation on Wikipedia. That is why the Swiss National Library in Bern aims to add Wikipedia articles about Switzerland to its more than 4,8 million-strong collection of books, manuscripts and other items.

Unlike their ever-changing online counterparts, the articles stored in the library have been frozen and can no longer be modified. As time goes by, authorities confirmed that major revisions to each Wikipedia article will be added alongside older versions, which will allow viewers to see how the information - and opinions on the information - have developed and changed over the years.

Plan to preserve Wikipedia for future generations

The project, which was started in 2020, has now collected 125.000 Swiss-relevant Wikipedia articles, with 5.000 more expected to be added every year. It is hoped that if something were to happen to Wikipedia, information regarding the alpine nation - from its lakes, rivers and cities to its historical sites and events - will now be permanently available at the library.

The archive is freely available to use online via the e-Helvetica Access online portal. To see the collection for yourself, check out the official website.

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