What do the Swiss like to order for takeaway?

What do the Swiss like to order for takeaway?

New data released by food delivery app Uber Eats has revealed what people in Switzerland like to order as a takeaway. The data for 2022 showed that people’s tastes differed depending on which city, canton and area of the country they lived in, but some meals were more universal than others.

What is Switzerland's favourite takeaway food?

By analysing the data recorded from its mobile app, Uber Eats found that a cheeseburger and fries was the most commonly ordered takeaway meal in Switzerland in 2022, with Coca-Cola ranked as the most ordered drink. This was followed by Chinese and Indian food in joint-second place, pizza in third and “healthy food” in fourth. The international company noted that "healthy food" - in this case, vegetarian and vegan items - has seen a surge in 2022, with 30 percent more orders than in 2021.

The title of “healthiest” takeaway city was awarded to Zurich, as it holds the record for the most vegan and vegetarian food ordered in 2022. However, the Swiss metropolis also craved coffee the most, with the highest number of coffee orders per resident. The most popular coffee to order via mobile phone was an iced caramel macchiato or a cafe latte.

Lausanne found to be sweet-tooth capital of Switzerland

Lausanne, Canton Vaud, was ranked as having the “biggest sweet tooth," with the most amount of sugar per order. Lausanne was also home to Uber Eat’s biggest fan in Switzerland, with one user in the city ordering 849 meals in 2022 - the equivalent of two a day. The most common time to order a takeaway in Switzerland was Sunday evening.

Lastly, Uber Eats noted that the most expensive order they received in Switzerland in 2022 was for 3.657 Swiss francs. While it could not confirm what the person ordered, the company did say it included 114 separate items. With an order like that, I think they may need a bigger backpack!

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