Vole in Switzerland goes viral after making special appearance at festival

Vole in Switzerland goes viral after making special appearance at festival

When attending a concert or festival, you expect the performers to be the highlight of the event. However, this theory was put to the test at Openair St. Gallen in Switzerland, when a little vole stole the show by making a surprise appearance at the concert, going viral on Tik Tok with over 9 million views.

Openair St. Gallen attracts thousands of visitors... and a vole

Thousands of people attended the Openair event in St. Gallen this year, with performances from international stars like MUSE, Tones and I, Stress and Alan Walker. Despite a strong lineup, during a Milky Chance performance on the final day, a little critter managed to upstage the headline acts.

In the middle of the set, one party-goer noticed a small hole in the ground where people had been dancing. On closer inspection, he found a little creature with its head stuck out, speculated at the time to be listening to the music set itself. You can check out the video below:

Video: Daniele Gugliotta / YouTube

Video of vole one of the top viral hits for Switzerland in 2022

The video of the creature - confirmed to be a vole by the Walter Zoo in Gossau -was uploaded to Tik Tok, where it received more than 1 million likes and 9 million views. Viewers were surprised to see such a reclusive animal at a loud concert, with one commenter joking, “Upstairs neighbours are the worst."

Daniele Gugliotta, the man who filmed the video, has now launched a clothing line based around the vole, with profits going to the Four Paws animal protection organisation. He said that, while the video was cute and funny, he said that the animal might have been stressed by the loud event, and wanted to invest the profits into protecting the local environment.

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