[Video] Bakery in Bern creates the largest vegan pastry in the world

[Video] Bakery in Bern creates the largest vegan pastry in the world

A vegan restaurant and bakery in Bern has fulfilled the dreams of many a meat-free pastry fiend after it baked the largest vegan pastry in the world. The portly pain au chocolat weighed in at over 260 kilos!

BakeryBakery in Bern breaks pastry world record

In the afternoon of February 3, BakeryBakery, a chain of Swiss vegan bakeries, began assembling what would turn out to be the largest vegan pastry ever made. At the event in Waisenhausplatz, the residents of the de-facto capital were able to witness workers prepare the huge amounts of dough, chocolate, nuts and sauce needed to make the giant pain au chocolat.

A forklift truck was then used to create a weighing table for the pastry, which was then assembled and fed through two separate conveyor ovens. Organisers may have gotten a bit too carried away, as by the end the pain au chocolat was dangling off the table. In the end, the pastry was 23 metres long and weighed over 260 kilos, more than enough to secure the record. 

Giant vegan pastry admitted into Guinness World Records

After the feat was confirmed by Guinness World Records, members of the public were invited to take a slice of the monster pastry home. In a post after the event, BakeryBakery thanked all the people who made the record a reality. “What a day!”, they concluded.


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