Switzerland has the most breweries per capita in the world, report finds

Switzerland has the most breweries per capita in the world, report finds

While a cheeky can of standard Feldschlösschen on the train ride home from work remains a common sight, in recent decades the beer industry in Switzerland has blossomed into a quirky scene full of different types of brew. Now, the Swiss Association of Breweries (ASB) has confirmed that the alpine nation has the most breweries per capita in the world.

Switzerland has 146 breweries per million people

In a press release, the ASB told Le Matin that Switzerland has 146 breweries per million inhabitants, by far the most in the world. This is miles ahead of other nations better known for making beer like Czechia (57), the Netherlands (52) and Belgium (35). German beer, Swiss beer’s main rival at the supermarkets, only has 18 breweries per million people, placing it 18th in the world.

The residents of Canton Bern appear to be the keenest to make beer, hosting 210 breweries within its borders. This was followed by Zurich (164), Aargau (112), Vaud (109) and St. Gallen (70). The ASB found that every single Swiss canton has at least one brewery, with the tiny cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Uri having two and five breweries respectively.

Swiss beer remains popular with local residents

Despite having the highest concentration of breweries in the world, the ASB noted that consumption of the golden brew has declined by 24,6 percent between 1990 and 2022. Today, the average inhabitant drinks 53,5 litres of beer a year, three-quarters of which is from Swiss breweries.

In terms of the country’s favourite beer, it seems as though despite the demise of the so-called “Beer cartel”, the bog-standard Swiss beer - a blonde lager with 5 percent alcohol - remains the most popular pint to pull. 69,58 percent of those asked by the ASB would go for a blonde beer, followed by unfiltered Zwickelbier (8,68) and Special Swiss Blonde (7,63). Interestingly, alcohol-free beer took fourth place with 5,66 percent of the vote.

For everything you need to know about beer in Switzerland, check out the official website.

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