Switzerland to be blessed with a week of sunshine

Switzerland to be blessed with a week of sunshine

Switzerland is to be blessed with one week of non-stop sunshine across all major cities. However, don’t put away your winter jacket just yet, as the weather will remain quite cold.

Continuous sunshine to dominate weather in Switzerland

“Sun as far as the weather app can predict” were the thoughts of Watson as they shared the good news that the forecast this week is dominated by copious amounts of sunshine. The good weather will be felt across the country, so both commuters in Swiss cities and holidaymakers in ski resorts alike will have to don sunscreen as areas experience up to seven days of non-stop sun, although it must be said that the east of the country may see more sun than the west on the weekend.

With the days lengthening as winter begins to fade away, we can look forward to longer periods of sunshine. Rain will also be hard to come by as the week goes on, with most areas set to remain dry. 

The reason for the good weather in Switzerland is a persistent high-pressure area over southern Scandinavia, which will be dictating the weather for some time. MeteoNews called it a “blocking situation” - when the poor weather of the North Atlantic is blocked by an extensive and strong pressure area.

Winter temperatures to remain in Switzerland

Before you decide to forgo the jacket and dive headfirst into a Swiss lake, meteorologists have warned that temperatures are likely to drop to a maximum of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius. Watson said that the wind chill factor will mean temperatures will feel around freezing, despite the continual sunshine.

The reason is the Bise - the cold wind that flows from northeast to southwest, which will be blowing strongly in the next few days. This will lead to bitterly cold nights, with temperatures expected to be between -1 and -5 degrees.

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