Swiss Selecta vending machines to accept cryptocurrencies in future

Swiss Selecta vending machines to accept cryptocurrencies in future

While a majority of people in Switzerland could not picture a world without cash, that isn’t stopping local companies from trying to find new and digital ways for customers to pay: Swiss international company Selecta has announced that it will soon make it possible to use cryptocurrency to pay at their vending machines.

Pay at Swiss vending machines using Bitcoin?

In a statement, the company, based near Zug, confirmed that it would be modifying its iconic red and white machines so that they will be able to accept cryptocurrencies in the future. Using the brand new Solana Pay payment structure, customers looking to buy a cheeky Twix or cannabis ice tea will be able to pay using all the major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Customers can use their mobile phones or smart watches to pay for their orders through a QR code. The technology was unveiled at a conference in Amsterdam on November 3 - you can see how the tech works in this video:

Video: Selecta Group - Official YouTube channel / YouTube

Using crypto to pay expands the world of shopping, argues Selecta

However, for those chomping at the bit to use their bitcoins at station platforms across Swiss cities, Selecta said that they were unable to say when the technology will be fully rolled out. They explained that it will mostly depend on how well received the new Solana payment system will be. 

“Our goal is to reach the next level for the consumer shopping experience,” noted Roland Ludwig, technical director at Selecta. He concluded that using cryptocurrencies for day-to-day payments opens up brand new opportunities for shoppers, from supermarkets and corner shops to vending machines. 

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