Swiss company planning to run luxury cruises on Lake Lucerne

Swiss company planning to run luxury cruises on Lake Lucerne

Thanks to stunning crystal waters and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, taking a boat trip on Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) is a must-do activity. Now, a new company hopes to take that experience to the next level by offering multiple-day luxury cruises on the lake.

Swiss company to launch luxury Lake Lucerne cruises

According to a statement, given to 20 Minuten, Swiss start-up Rigatus - a name that is a fusion of the two Swiss mountains Rigi and Pliatus, and also means "watered" in Latin - is planning to run luxury cruises in and out of Lucerne. This would become the first multi-day cruise service in Switzerland outside of the river cruises that run along the Rhine River between Basel and Amsterdam.

To do this, the company is planning to retrofit the Romandie 1, a public transport and events ship currently running on Lake Neuchâtel. Newly christened the HS Rigatus, the ship will offer 22 rooms, from master suites to standard cabins, with prices starting at 4.500 francs per person for a five-day cruise around the lake.

Five-star dinners and excursions promised by Rigatus

The route in question will take guests from Brunnen along the lake to Vitznau, where passengers can take the cog railway up to Rigi, before heading to the various historical sites and attractions around Canton Nidwalden and Obwalden. After a stop in Lucerne, the boat then heads to the Rütli meadow - where Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (now Obwalden and Nidwalden) signed the treaty that formed the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1291.

Along the way, guests are treated to lunches and dinners - only breakfast will be served on-board - visits to Swiss cheesemakers, private concerts, train rides, tours, golf trips and hikes. “It should result in a total work of art with excursions, cuisine and landscape…from a five-star dinner in the exclusive Park Hotel Vitznau to a Cervelat, the offer is very varied,” noted Rigatus vice president Ruedi Bless.

Speaking to reporters, he said that the company expects high demand for the cruises, especially among local Swiss tourists. He concluded that provided they secure enough funding, travellers will be able to take a multi-day cruise on Lake Lucerne from Easter 2026.

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