Summer temperatures set to return to Switzerland after record breaking month

Summer temperatures set to return to Switzerland after record breaking month

After a brief respite from record-high temperatures, the mercury across Switzerland is set to reach 30 degrees Celsius by Thursday. It comes after many Swiss cities experienced their warmest May on record, with the country being 2,5 degrees hotter than the usual average.

Summer temperatures to sweep across Switzerland this Thursday

Bad news for the climate is good news for locals and holidaymakers seeking hotter weather. After several mild 20-degree days, temperatures are expected to rise to around 30 degrees Celsius in Lausanne, Geneva and Bern on Thursday. The sudden rise in temperature is being blamed on the foehn - the warm Mediterranean wind that sweeps northwards through the Swiss mountains, heating Alpine valleys and cities across the country.

The constant heat and sunshine will continue until late on Sunday, when seasonal thunderstorms are expected to “reset” the weather back down to lower temperatures. For those wanting a dip in Swiss lakes or rivers, temperatures are continuing to improve, but many of the larger lakes will remain around 20 degrees.

Temperature records broken across Switzerland

The unseasonably good weather has come at a cost. The latest data from MeteoNews has revealed that the country has been far too hot over the last 30 days, with temperature records broken in Zurich, Bern and Ticino. Basel and Geneva have seen their hottest May since 1868. In the mountains and other isolated areas, the temperature has been four degrees too hot for the entire month.

This heat has been accompanied by drought in southern and western Switzerland. MeteoNews noted that even if the next few days were to bring torrential rain, the drought would still not subside in most areas.

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