Summer-like temperatures to return to Switzerland until Sunday

Summer-like temperatures to return to Switzerland until Sunday

After a cold and wet start to the autumn season, the weather in Switzerland is expected to warm up significantly this week. According to MeteoNews, the mercury will peak at 23 to 24 degrees on Wednesday, with summer-like temperatures expected to last until Sunday.

After significant rainfall, Swiss summer temperatures return

Across Swiss cities and cantons, the weather in recent weeks has been nothing short of dismal. The consistent heavy rain, which reached over 80 millimetres a day last Tuesday, forced authorities to issue level three rain warnings in areas of Canton Vaud, Valais and Bern, ordering people to stay away from waterways and mountainsides. 

Now, in what will be great news for families with children on school holidays, meteorologist Nicolas Borgognon from MeteoNews has said that sunshine and much higher temperatures will start to make a comeback this week. While this won’t mean a return to the constant heatwaves seen in Switzerland this summer, or swimming in Swiss lakes and rivers, temperatures will start to exceed 20 degrees celsius from Tuesday.

23-degree temperatures forecast in Basel and Geneva

In Basel and Geneva, temperatures will peak at 23 degrees on Wednesday, with other Swiss cities like Zurich, Lucerne and Lausanne seeing the mercury rise to a very comfortable 21 degrees. Areas of the mountains and Swiss ski resorts will also start to warm up, but only to a cool 15 to 17 degrees.

Borgognon forecast that the good weather will continue until this weekend when “a possible return of showers is expected.” However, this won’t be the end of the mild conditions as “temperatures will remain above seasonal averages until next Sunday.”

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