Santa Claus ditches the sleigh for a Lamborghini in Zurich

Santa Claus ditches the sleigh for a Lamborghini in Zurich

Santa Claus and Schmutzli decided to ditch Rudolf and Prancer for a prancing horse and raging bull, as they drove through Zurich in a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, handing out nuts and mandarins to passing children.

Santa in a Lamborghini Huracan, Schmutzli in a Ferrari 488

Organised by car dealership owner Raffaele Colacino, the spectacle was designed to bring some Christmas joy to the streets of Switzerland’s largest city. For the event, Santa Claus was given a brand new Lamborghini Huracan, with his sidekick Schmutzli opting for the Ferrari 488, as each cruised through Zurich's streets, handing out treats to passers-by.

“It was supposed to bring joy to the children, but it seems the parents were happier than they were,” said cameraman Brendon Berisha. According to Colacino, they managed to hand out 150 presents on their journey through the city.

Supercar stunt used to celebrate St. Nicolas Day

The event was to celebrate St. Nicolas Day in Switzerland, where Santa visits children in schools, churches and shops to give them presents. After sitting in at a Christmas market for some weeks, it's no surprise Father Christmas chose to ride in style.

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