Relive some of Deville's funniest English videos about living in Switzerland

Relive some of Deville's funniest English videos about living in Switzerland

If you've just moved to Switzerland and want to introduce your friends and family back home to what it’s like to live in the alpine nation, one of the best ways to do so is with a video from Deville. Now, with the hit show set to end, we look back at some of Dominic Deville's funniest English sketches about living in Switzerland.

Note: some of the videos below contain strong language and are satirical in nature.

What is Deville Late Night?

First aired in May 2016, Deville Late Night, or simply Deville, has been a Swiss television staple for many years. The successor to the satirical show Giacobbo/Müller, the 35-minute weekly show has been the “flagship” programme for national broadcaster SRF since 2019.

The weekly show is mostly known for its satirical format of mocking events from the news, as well as taking aim at Swiss culture and stereotypes.

Final episode of Deville to air in 2023

However, after more than seven years on the air, the broadcaster confirmed that the last episode of Deville would be aired in 2023. The show's host, Dominic Deville, will be replaced in the late-night slot. Speaking to Blick, the comedian said that he chose to step down. 

“After seven years, over 150 broadcasts, a pandemic, four years of Trump and what feels like 38 members of the Federal Council, it is time for me to lower the sharp sword of satire. At least at SRF. It was an incredibly great, challenging and satisfying task to send mischief and bitter fun directly from the minds of my great team to the Swiss parlour week after week,” he told the newspaper. The last show will be aired on March 12, 2023, on SRF 1.

Funniest Deville videos about Switzerland in English

For most expats, Dominic Deville will be known for the few sketches he wrote or performed in English. To celebrate the end of his show, here are some of the programme's funniest takes on life in Switzerland, all in English. 

1. America first, Switzerland second

For most English-speaking people, Dominic Deville first came to prominence in February 2017, on the eve of the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. At the time, the president had declared that “America first” would be his guiding foreign policy principle.

As a joke, a number of countries from Germany to Australia and the Netherlands started making satirical videos about their country being “second.” In response to the Netherlands' video, Deville released this now-viral sketch - to date the show's greatest hit on YouTube:

Video: SRF Deville / YouTube

2. How to make friends with a Swiss person

If you’ve just gotten a job in Switzerland, it can feel quite lonely, especially if you moved to the country on your own. Luckily, to help, Deville made this handy guide on how to make friends in Switzerland - the tips may not be right, but they are funny!

Video: SRF Deville / YouTube

3. People in Switzerland are funny... honest!

On the same vein, Deville also had this handy guide on how to see the funny side of life in the alpine nation:

Video: SRF Deville / YouTube

4. Great Britain, welcome to the union of not liking unions!

Finally, for those British people hoping to jump ship after Brexit and claim a Swiss residence permit instead, Dominic Deville had this welcoming, albeit sarcastic video. With Switzerland’s relationship with the EU best described as icy, the comedian proposed the UK and Switzerland form their own union:

Video: SRF Deville / YouTube

Switzerland says goodbye to Deville

Famed for his tongue-in-cheek thoughts on life in Switzerland, expats will likely continue to refer to and share Dominic Deville's sketches for many years to come. Have a favourite skit from Deville? Let us know in the comments below!

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