People of Lucerne smash world toasting record with free beer

People of Lucerne smash world toasting record with free beer

People in the city of Lucerne have broken the world record for the longest toast, after free beer was offered by a local brewery. More than 1.600 people took part in the record, which has now been confirmed by Guinness.

City festival returns to the streets of Lucerne

Despite being smaller than in previous years, 51.000 people showed up to the Lucerne City Festival last week for a celebration of local produce, music and art. It is the first time in four years that such a major event has been held in the city, mainly due to COVID and logistical issues.

Amid the stalls and food stands, a record was broken by the Eichhof brewery when they successfully beat the Guinness World Record for the longest toast ever. The previous record was held by Coca-Cola, which set the benchmark with 1.300 people toasting in Bangkok in 2019.

Eichhof brewery in Switzerland breaks world record

To break the record, a 700-metre-long line was created and each person was handed an alcoholic or non-alchoholic beer to toast with. In all, 1.600 people toasted each other during the attempt, making it a new Guinness World Record.

You can see how the record was broken here:


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