250-franc hot dog sold at Christmas market in Switzerland

250-franc hot dog sold at Christmas market in Switzerland

While Switzerland is often considered a wealthy country, some businesses can take that reputation a little too far: a restaurant at a Christmas market in Lucerne is selling a hot dog for 250 Swiss francs a piece. According to the organisers, it is officially the most expensive hot dog in the world.

Most expensive hot dog now sold in Lucerne

In a report published in Blick, the “Luxus” hot dog is sold by the Happy Souls catering company based in Zurich, which is currently running a stand at the Rudolf Christmas Market in Lucerne. While it may not be a Swiss invention, hot dogs are quite common at Christmas markets in Switzerland - although not as popular as a traditional Brat or Bauernwurst

The company says that while it does cost 250 Swiss francs, the hot dog includes some highly exclusive ingredients. With the excessive price tag, the hot dog in Lucerne is now the most expensive hot dog in the world - the previous most expensive hot dog was the Tokyo Dog in Seattle, which costs the equivalent of 162 francs.

Expensive hot dog has truffles, champagne foam and Kobe beef

So what do you get for 250 francs? Well, the hot dog is made of Kobe beef sausage and sits on a saffron bun. On the base of the dog, white Alba truffle shavings, champagne foam from Cristal Roederer, a gold-plated peppercorn and chocolate crumble are all used to add a bit of class to the classless American delicacy.

The organisers explained that the hot dog is made of extremely expensive ingredients, which justifies the excessive price tag. Although, if you do want to get the hot dog, you may be in for a long wait as each sausage is cooked and prepared fresh, meaning orders take around 40 minutes. However, before you think the company is only for the 1 percent, there are a number of far more economical and equally tasty options available at the stall.

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