New 150-metre-long pier set to be built on Lake Zurich

New 150-metre-long pier set to be built on Lake Zurich

The residents of Zurich may soon be given a new place to relax during the summer after the local council confirmed plans to build a new pier on the lake. The new marina in the city’s Tiefenbrunnen district is expected to extend 150 metres into the water.

Marina Tiefenbrunnen in Zurich gets the green light

In a statement, the city of Zurich announced its intention to build a new pier and harbour on Lake Zurich. Called “Marina Tiefenbrunnen” the complex will be built next to Tiefenbrunnen Park across the road from the railway station of the same name.

Under the plans, a brand new pier will be built, which will be 15 metres wide and extend 150 metres into the lake. The pier itself will serve a large port and marina area and include seating, potential swimming areas, space for over 500 boats and a restaurant. 

New pier to be a hub for water sports and relaxation

The new project will also be a hub for water sports, with a brand new sports centre set to be built next to the pier, along with a station for the lake police. The nearby parks will also be expanded to create a location “for people to stop and linger.”

First proposed in 2017, the Marina Tiefenbrunnen is expected to cost 8,9 million francs. However, the local council also confirmed that, with two companies pulling out of the project in recent months, it would take over funding the project as the plans are “in the public interest.” Officials hope to open the whole complex by 2031. For more information about the plans, check out the official statement.

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