Most popular cat names and breeds in Switzerland revealed

Most popular cat names and breeds in Switzerland revealed

While dogs in Switzerland remain “man’s best friend”, when it comes to taking care of pets, people in the alpine nation have a clear furry favourite: cats. To find out more about our mountain moggies, the animal data centre Identitas has revealed what types of cat are most common, the most popular names for cats in Switzerland and which towns, cities and cantons are in the biggest feline frenzy.

Over 715.000 cats registered in Switzerland

The study found that as of March 2023, there are over 715.000 cats registered in Switzerland - 200.000 more registrations than dogs. While you don’t necessarily need to register your cat in the alpine nation, it becomes somewhat inevitable when visiting the vet, signing some rental contracts and declaring immunisations when taking your cat abroad.

Around 55.000 cats were adopted, born in or taken to Switzerland in 2022. The number of cats in the country has been increasing significantly since the start of 2017, when only 382.000 felines were registered with the authorities.

Most common cat breeds in Switzerland

The most common breed of cat in Switzerland is the European Common Cat, with 363.805 registered as of March 2023. In all the 10 most popular breeds are:

  1. European Common Cat - 363.805
  2. European Shorthair - 156.805
  3. Crossbred - 36.413
  4. Maine Coon - 28.274
  5. British Shorthair - 23.971
  6. Bengal 12.793
  7. Norwegian Forest Cat - 10.038
  8. European Longhair - 9.519
  9. Persian - 8.775
  10. Sacred Birman 8.001

Sadly, domestic breeds like the Swiss Mountain Cat did not feature highly in the ranking, with owners preferring standard European cats over their more exotic ancestors.

Which parts of Switzerland have the most cats?

Zurich has the most cats registered, with 110.000 calling Switzerland’s most populous canton home. Zurich was followed by Canton Bern (99.300), Vaud (88.582), Aargau (67.858) and Geneva (37.855). However, there is reason to suspect that Geneva is a land for dogs, as it is home to the largest canine population at over 10.000.

Interestingly, the most “cat mad” canton was Schaffhausen, with 11,4 cats per 100 people. Neuchâtel and Solothurn followed with 11,2 and 11,1 cats per hundred respectively. The least cat-obsessed canton is Uri, with only 4,3 cats per 100 people.

Most popular cat names in Switzerland

Now to the question of what people in the alpine nation name their feline friends. In Switzerland, owners have been quite uniform in how they name their cats.

Most popular boys' names for cats in Switzerland:

For tom cats, the most popular names in Switzerland as a whole are:

  1. Leo - 4.564
  2. Filou - 2.804
  3. Max - 2.536
  4. Felix - 2.454
  5. Mogli - 2.407
  6. Charly - 2.384
  7. Jimmy - 2.383
  8. Merlin - 2.379
  9. Rocky - 2.116
  10. Balu - 1.880

Interestingly, each language of Switzerland had different preferences when it came to tom cat names. In German-speaking areas, Leo, Filou and Mogli were the most popular, compared to Tigrou, Caramel and Chaton in the Romande,while the Ticinese went for Leo, Romeo and Tigro.

Most popular girls' names for cats:

For molly cats, the top 10 overall are:

  1. Luna - 9.690
  2. Nala - 6.642
  3. Mia - 4.211
  4. Mimi - 2.873
  5. Kira - 2.703
  6. Lilly - 2.696
  7. Lucy - 2.207
  8. Mila - 1.906
  9. Stella - 1.632
  10. Mira - 1.541

Once again, the different regions of Switzerland had conflicting ideas on what to name their cats. In French-speaking areas, Luna, Nala and Plume took the podium places, while Luna, Nala and Mia took the top spots east of the Röstigraben and Luna, Mia and Nala clinched the top three in Ticino.

A complete guide to cats in Switzerland

For everything you need to know about cats in Switzerland and beyond, check out the Identitas website.

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