Fast-track security and champagne: Zurich Airport launches ZRH Club

Fast-track security and champagne: Zurich Airport launches ZRH Club

After passengers at Zurich Airport were caught up in extremely long queues for security at the start of the year and during the school holidays, officials have now launched a new way for travellers to skip the queue while getting a bit pampered on the way. The largest airport in Switzerland has launched the new “ZRH Club”, offering fast-track security to anyone who wants it.

New lounge opens up in Zurich Airport

From November 1, people using Zurich Airport will be given a new, quicker and more comfortable way to travel as part of the ZRH Club. Costing 49 francs per person, the offer is open to anyone who flies out of the airport, regardless of whether they have a first, business or economy-class ticket.

As part of the deal, Zurich has reserved a 50-person space in the main terminal building, which is only accessible to ZRH Club ticket holders. Once entered, travellers are given a free drink (wine, champagne or a hot drink) and a snack at their table, which is either Birchermüesli, steak tartare, sushi or Tibetan momos depending on the time of day - vegetarian and vegan options are also available. 

Priority security offered as part of ZRH Club

Along with the light pampering, unlike the SWISS lounge - which economy class passengers can also access for 49 francs - ZRH Club offers something sacred for any economy passengers who were caught up in the huge queues seen at the airport this year: ticket-holders get access to the “Business / First” priority lane at security. This is likely to save passengers a huge amount of time, especially during peak hours.

The airport - which was recently rated as the best in Europe for the 20th time in a row - was sharply criticised earlier in the year for delays at security, something they blamed on a shortage of police. However, a spokesperson for the airport told the Tages-Anzeiger that the new club had nothing to do with the recent disruption, but was instead based on customer surveys.

Airports increasingly offering perks to economy-class travellers

The new offer will see the airport in Zurich join others in offering fast-track and other perks to customers, regardless of their class of travel. The Tages-Anzeiger noted that “The airline industry has recognised that many people do not want to pay the full amount for a business or even first-class ticket. However, many travellers are willing to spend smaller amounts to improve the travel experience.”

For more information about the new ZRH Club, check out the official website.

Thumb image credit: Flughafen Zürich AG

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