Ditch Greece for Gouda this summer, advises Swiss travel expert

Ditch Greece for Gouda this summer, advises Swiss travel expert

As families, groups of friends and lone travellers start to jet off for their summer holidays, the official travel ombudsman for Switzerland, Franco Muff, has argued that travellers should avoid the top destinations if they want a good vacation in 2023. Instead of visiting one of the Swiss’ favourite summer haunts, he recommends ditching the sun, sea and sand and visiting a place in Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands instead.

Summer 2023 will be the busiest yet, says ombudsman

Speaking to Blick, the ombudsman warned that this summer is set to be one of the busiest ever, especially in the most popular holiday destinations. Muff - whose job is to impartially handle disputes between holidaymakers and travel companies - said travellers from Switzerland should “avoid crowded destinations as much as possible. I recommend this to everyone who wants to avoid problems during the holidays.”

Specifically, Muff advised people in Switzerland to not choose a holiday in one of the “big racetracks” - the most popular destinations for a summer holiday, which are relatively close to Switzerland and offer stunning beaches and warm water. When asked which locations to avoid, he said “the Balearic Islands, Egypt and Greece. You better not go there. Or Apulia in Italy.”

Swiss travellers should visit lesser-known places this summer

Instead of laying on a beach and catching some rays, the ombudsman had some interesting tips on how to get the best holiday this summer. “Why not take a trip to Belgium or Holland instead of Mallorca? Or even better: stay in Switzerland in the summer and travel in the spring. And another tip: better choose small towns to big ones.”

When asked why people should switch from Ibiza to Groningen, Bruges or other Belgian and Dutch cities, Muff argued that the more popular or well-known a place is, the less likely people are to enjoy their holiday. “It's like when you are in a crowded restaurant: the quality of service drops,” he said, noting that high tourist numbers “affect the accommodation, the food and the entire infrastructure.”

Travellers from Switzerland are sticklers for cleanliness

In concluding his interview, the ombudsman also revealed what Swiss tourists complain about the most when on holiday. He explained that the crucial factor for most alpine residents is “the cleanliness! A constant theme. Not only abroad, but also in Switzerland.”

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