Coffee prices to increase across Switzerland

Coffee prices to increase across Switzerland

Along with price rises for petrol, heating oil and energy, products on supermarket shelves may also start to cost more. Coffee prices in Switzerland have skyrocketed recently, with many major stores choosing to raise their prices.

Major Swiss supermarkets raise the price of coffee

The two largest supermarkets in Switzerland, Migros and Coop, have both increased the price of their coffee, with M-Classic espresso rising from 4,9 to 5,4 Swiss francs a pack. Coop’s Lavazza Oro premium coffee also rose from 8,85 to 9,20 Swiss francs.

The price hikes come amid continued fear that many products are set to increase in price in 2022, because of supply issues caused by bottlenecks, COVID and the weather. More recently, patisseries warned that the price of croissants and other bread will increase because of the high price of wheat.

Supply issues and COVID lead to high prices

The CEO of Coop, Philipp Wyss, said at the end of 2021 that the supermarket was in “tight negotiations” with suppliers over the high prices. However, TicinOnline noted that with each product having its own supply issues, price rises may be inevitable.

Along with coffee, it was confirmed that the price of pasta will increase over the next year, because of the high cost of wheat. Wyss said the cost of raw materials will have a knock-on effect on the price for consumers, but that price rises would only be used “where increases are justified.”

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