Croissant crisis in Switzerland as price of bread set to increase

Croissant crisis in Switzerland as price of bread set to increase

Swiss bakers are warning of increased prices in 2022, as the price of grain has increased dramatically over the last year. Baked goods may be 15 percent more expensive next year, with even large companies and supermarkets expected to raise their prices.

High costs set to impact food prices in Switzerland

The Swiss Association of Bakers and Confectioners (SBC) announced in a statement given to Sunday newspapers that they are recommending a price increase across “the entire product range” in the next year. They say that the price of raw materials has increased massively over the last year, making the price increase necessary.

Raw materials, packaging, energy and the cost of banking have all risen by 15 percent for bakeries, meaning many are already preparing their customers for the price spike. A simple cream slice will now cost around 4,80 Swiss francs, with the cost of a croissant increasing to 1,70 Swiss francs.

Inflation a key factor for the increased price

The Reinhard bakery, from Bern, said that they acknowledge the recommendation but will not increase prices as steeply. Instead, they said prices will increase between 5 and 10 percent. Steiner-Beck, from Canton Zurich, said prices will increase gradually, up to 15 percent over two years.

While this will affect smaller businesses more dramatically, 20 minuten reported the large supermarkets of Coop and Migros cannot rule out price increases either. They say the price of wheat has increased by 30 percent, mainly due to poor weather and inflation, meaning neither supermarket can avoid price hikes.

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