Best beard in the Alps competition held in Switzerland

Best beard in the Alps competition held in Switzerland

From the ugliest dog to the biggest fruit and veg, humanity has a strange tendency to make the most quirky pastimes into a competition. Now, at an event in the town of Seewis im Prättigau, a pivotal question has now been answered: who has the best beard in the Alps?

Best beard in the mountains competitions held in Prättigau

At a venue in the small town in Graubünden, the 37th International Alpine Beard Meeting was held on the weekend of October 7. Unlike other beard and fashion competitions around the world that put cosmetics and care first, this competition bans care products and even scissors and trimmers, focusing instead on the state of people’s neck warmers, warts and all. “A man without a beard is like bread without a crust”, wrote the official website. 

In terms of what the jury - who consisted of a hairdresser, historian, cultural scientist, the wife of a former beard world champion, and two world champions themselves - were looking for, the website explained that the “ultimate full beard is quickly described: thick, long and cuddly soft, covering the face from one ear to the other. For most beard wearers, the beard is not just an ornament, but a statement.”

Winner has participated in the beard competition 34 times

11 candidates from across Swiss cantons, Germany, Austria and France participated in the international Alp-wide group, while just seven participated in the alpine farmer (Älpler) category. Tensions were high given what was up for grabs for first place: a selection of Swiss cheeses, meats and other local products.

Farmer Kurt Rohner from Diepoldsau, Canton St. Gallen won the farmers' category, while the “international” group was won by Anton Reimann from Fricktal, Canton Aargau. Speaking to 20 Minuten, Rohner admitted that he has attended the event 34 times out of 37, and that he “only needs about five minutes in the bathroom” to prepare for the competition.

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