Almost two-thirds of Swiss ski resorts set to raise prices, report finds

Almost two-thirds of Swiss ski resorts set to raise prices, report finds

A new report by Schweiz am Wochenende has found that two out of three ski resorts in Switzerland plan to raise their prices this year. It comes as all sectors of hospitality, from hotels to restaurants, announce price rises due to the heightened cost of energy and workers.

Swiss ski resorts raise prices due to energy costs

Two-thirds of the 16 skiing areas analysed are planning to raise the price of ski passes this year, a report commissioned by Schweiz am Wochenende has revealed. Some resorts, especially those in the Engadine and eastern Switzerland, will raise their prices by up to 15 percent to cope with energy prices, which have reached new heights in 2022.

Zermatt has confirmed that the minimum cost of a day pass at the resort will rise to 83 Swiss francs, a 5 percent increase compared to last year. Andermatt has said that while the cost of a day pass will not rise, it will be making discounted tickets more expensive. This follows an earlier report by Blick, which confirmed that smaller resorts are set to put their prices up.

Power costs in Switzerland mean higher hotel bills

Along with the rising cost of skiing, another study by NZZ am Sonntag has found that hotels and restaurants are also expected to raise their prices. Hotellerie-Suisse, the umbrella organisation for the hospitality industry, said that 75 percent of hotels will raise their prices this winter, by an average of 5 percent.

Like the ski resorts, the heightened price of energy has been blamed for the higher prices for hotels. In addition, NZZ explained that a shortage of workers, and subsequent increases in salaries, have also put renewed pressure on businesses. In all, while Hotellerie-Suisse Director Claude Meier expects a great season for tourism this year, it will come at a higher cost for visitors.

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