Alfies launches super-fast grocery delivery service in Zurich

Alfies launches super-fast grocery delivery service in Zurich

With more and more non-Swiss grocery stores opening in Switzerland, it was perhaps only a matter of time before Swiss supermarkets would be challenged on the internet too. This new competition will be provided by the Austrian company Alfies, which launched its super-fast grocery delivery service in Zurich on February 22. 

Super-fast grocery deliveries are coming to Zurich 

In a statement, Alfies confirmed that it had launched its food delivery service in Zurich. Founded in Vienna in 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength in recent years, expanding to Graz in 2021 before finally taking the leap across the border and offering its service and mobile app in the alpine nation. “We are looking forward to conquering the hearts of the Swiss!” the company wrote in a statement.

If there’s one thing the brand is known for, it’s speed. The international company promises that provided you pay a small surcharge, their groceries will be at your doorstep between 60 and 120 minutes after you order them from Monday to Saturday, making them one of the fastest delivery services in Switzerland. You can also order in advance or choose to wait longer if you want to save a few francs on delivery.

Alfies noted that customers can choose from a range of both local and international products, including some items that aren’t available in normal Swiss supermarkets. They said they hope to become a major competitor for local chains that offer home delivery like Coop, Migros and Volg. 

Where do Alfies deliver to in Zurich?

Currently, Alfies is available in parts of Canton Zurich and Aargau. Specifically, these areas include all of the city of Zurich, Adliswil, Birmensdorf, Rudolfstetten, Altstetten, Schlieren, Dietikon, Würenlos, Wettingen, Regensdorf, Affoltern, Wallisellen und Zollikon. This means that approximately 600.000 people can use the service.

What's more, when asked whether they will expand further, founder Gunther Michl said that it “cannot be ruled out.” For more information about Alfies, check out the official website.

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