5 romantic excursions to celebrate Valentine's Day in Switzerland

5 romantic excursions to celebrate Valentine's Day in Switzerland

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many expats in Switzerland will be thinking about what to do on the day for lovers. While Switzerland doesn’t have a long history with Valentine's Day - only starting to celebrate the occasion after the Second World War - there are many places in Switzerland that are ideal for a romantic occasion.

1. Take a romantic trip to the Swiss mountains

If the weather is right, there is no more romantic a place than the valleys in the Swiss mountains. You are never too far away from the mountains in Switzerland, with many only an hour's train ride away from most Swiss cities. A couple of nights in a mountain village, ski resort or spa hotel is the best way immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Alps.

In winter, the snow-capped peaks provide the ideal backdrop for a romantic lunch or a fun date skiing or snowboarding back down to a warm hot chocolate or Après-Ski. In the evening, many ski resorts offer special experiences, from private sleigh rides to cable car dinners.

Swiss mountains romantic

2. Take a stroll in an old Swiss village

Switzerland is home to plenty of picturesque villages and towns. Whether on the banks of a river or set among sheer mountains, Swiss villages have a certain charm. Many have been around for hundreds of years, allowing for some stunning architecture.

Most are easily accessible by public transport and can be an excellent romantic day out if paired with a pleasant lunch or dinner. Walking the cobbled streets of some of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland is an ideal way to kindle romance.

beautiful villages Switzerland

3. Feel like a king or queen in a Swiss castle

If you ever fancied being the king or queen of your own domain, look no further than visiting one of Switzerland’s castles. Many are still intact today and are usually set in stunning natural surroundings.

While some have been preserved for museum use, many have taken on new lives as restaurants and hotels, perfect for a romantic getaway.

Swiss castles

4. Place a padlock on a Swiss bridge

If you've ever visited one of the cities of Switzerland and noticed that some of the bridges are full of padlocks, you will have encountered a group of “love locks.” Love locks are a famous (or infamous) new phenomenon, starting in Paris before spreading worldwide.

Signify your love for someone by placing a padlock on a bridge together and throwing away the key. Some places offer designer engravings so that you can revisit your padlock in years to come.

Love locks Zurich bridge

5. Take a Swiss lake cruise

Although cruise companies run a restricted schedule in the winter, they still offer a large number of different services. Some Swiss lakes are an ideal setting for a date. From sipping a glass of wine in the restaurant to just watching the world roll by, there are many things that make a lake cruise appealing, even in winter.

The smaller schedule usually allows cruise providers to offer a greater range of special events. These can range from disco and murder mystery nights to fondue and raclette evenings. No matter your taste, cruise providers will have something for you.

Swiss lake cruise

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