City of Zurich offers giant, low-cost communal apartments to rent

City of Zurich offers giant, low-cost communal apartments to rent

From living further afield to renting out shower rooms, over the years people have tried several ways to get an affordable property to rent in Zurich. Now, as part of its new development in Leutschenbach, the city council has built giant 15-room apartments, which it hopes will be used by groups of people who want to save money by living communally.

365-metre-square apartments advertised in Zurich

According to 20 Minuten, of the 369 apartments due to be built by the city council in Leutschenbach, a development in Zurich North near Glattbrugg, two will be 15-rooms large. However, instead of being designed to attract entrepreneurs and billionaires, these huge apartments were built with “alternative communities” in mind, the official listing read.

The 365-square-metre apartments sport 15 separate rooms, eight bathrooms, two kitchens and three outdoor areas. The cost? 6.470 francs a month. While it seems expensive, bear in mind that even with 12 single occupants, the cost would only amount to 540 francs a month - a steal for a city like Zurich.

Leutschenbach will offer the largest communal homes in Zurich

However, even for those willing to sacrifice having their own four walls to live in a potentially 24-person apartment, there are a few conditions to meet. City authorities have said that anyone who chooses to rent the apartment must set up a rental association to make sure it is not taken over by a single occupant - exceptions will be made for large families, however.

Speaking to 20 Minuten, head of communications at the city of Zurich’s housing department, Kornel Ringli, confirmed that the Leutschenbach development will provide two of the largest shared apartments in the city. He said that the main purpose of the homes was to provide cost-effective housing to people who need it most - mainly the elderly and those on lower salaries.

15-room apartments already garnering interest

Despite only being on the market for a few days, Ringli confirmed that they are already getting a lot of interest. If all goes well, prospective tenants will be able to move in from March 2024.

Want to see the apartment for yourself? Check out the official website.

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